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The Academy’s annual testing cycle begins each year in mid-April.  All eligible, non-Credentialed providers who have a “Profile” on the Academy website will be automatically contacted by email when the Credentialing application period opens.  (Providers due to recertify will also be contacted automatically.)

To stay informed about AAHIVM Credentialing, please access and update your AAHIVM Profile by logging in here.

Not sure if you have an existing AAHIVM Profile?  Providers who have ever had any interaction with the Academy already have a Profile using either their current, or in some cases their former email address as their login ID.  To avoid creating a duplicate Profile, please be sure to access any existing Profile that may already be in our system for you by using the “forgot password” feature.   If you are new to AAHIVM, setting up a new Profile is simple, and ultimately required to apply for Credentialing in the late Spring.