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Certificate Reissue


Certificates will be automatically mailed to all those who successfully pass the exam as part of their packet a few weeks after the end of the exam period.


However, the Credentialing team is also happy to provide a substitute certificate if one is lost or damaged in the mail or misplaced.  Also, additional certificates can be produced and sent to you if you would like to display them in multiple offices.


Certificates may be published on paper or can be sent to you in a PDF format via email if you choose.


Please contact Ken South at to request a certificate.


AAHIVM Specialist Credentialing Lapel Pins
Congratulations on achieving the AAHIVS or AAHIVP credential.  As part of your certificate packet the Academy is please to present you with an AAHIVS Specialist lapel pin or an AAHIVP Pharmacist lapel pin.

We have suspended mailing the lapel pins in the certificate mailings as they tend to damage the certificate.

We are more than pleased to send you your complimentary pin by first class mail.

Please request your pin by contacting: