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HIV and Enteropathy
Pneumococcal Disease
Pneumococcal disease can be dangerous, and sometimes fatal, in people with certain chronic medical conditions like HIV. This may be true even when the chronic medical condition is well controlled with medication and/or lifestyle management. One reason may be that too few healthcare professionals are recommending pneumococcal vaccination. In a survey of 100 physicians and 100 physician assistants, nurse practitioners, or registered nurses, fewer than 30 percent of physicians and 20 percent or fewer of the other healthcare professionals reported recommending pneumococcal vaccination for patients with a risk condition.

The National Foundation for Infectious Diseases (NFID) invited AAHIVM to join a task force of healthcare professionals and consumer educators to prioritize barriers to pneumococcal vaccination among US adults and to identify solutions. AAHIVM has teamed with NFID to create materials for the provider that address the following common barriers to vaccinating high-risk patients:

  • Competing priorities during patient visits
  • Complexity of recommendations for vaccination and revaccination
  • Lack of ownership among healthcare professionals for educating and vaccinating patients

The following resources were developed by the task force:

Pneumococcal Disease Call to Action:   Preventing Pneumococcal Disease in Adults with Chronic Conditions

Pneumococcal Disease Call to Action:  Overcoming Disparities in Pneumococcal Disease Vaccination among US Adults

Pneumococcal Disease Call to Action:  Pneumococcal Vaccine is Everyone's Responsibility

Pneumococcal Disease Call to Action:  Protecting Older Americans from Serious Pneumococcal Disease