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Health Reform Resource Center
AAHIVM has assembled the following resources for HV providers to find out what they need to know about the coming health reform changes in their states, and for their practices and patients.
Health Reform in My State
Visit the “Health Reform In My State” section to learn what is happening with implementation of the health reform law in your state. Learn about whether your state is expanding the Medicaid Program, and how to connect your practice to Medicaid Managed care plans in your state.
Also learn about the brand new State Insurance Exchange (Marketplace) in your state, who is running it, which insurers are offering plans in it, and how you can get your practice fully connected to all of it.
Health Reform & My Practice
Visit the “Health Reform & My Practice” section to learn about what health reform means for your practice, and find in-depth guidance on how you can connect your practice to the new health reform coverage systems. Also learn about how you can advise your patients about what options are best for them. Finally, learn what your responsibilities are as an employer under the health reform law.
Health Reform Policy
Visit the “Health Reform Policy” section to learn all about the health reform law, and it’s most important provisions, including: the individual mandate, patient protections, and essential health benefits. Also learn about the biggest changes to care and coverage systems in the US, like the Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plans (PCIPs), the Medicaid Expansion Option, the State Insurance Exchanges (Marketplaces), changes to Medicaid and Ryan White, and much more!
Provider ACA Experience Survey
AAHIVM is collecting reports of providers’ experiences with the Affordable Care Act (ACA). We want to hear about the positive experiences of providers and patients who have gained new coverage or access to care and treatment under the ACA.  We also want to know about any problems providers and patients have experienced in the new Insurance Exchanges/Marketplaces, as well as in Medicaid, and Ryan White programs. AAHIVM will use the information you provide to advocate on behalf of our members and their patients to improve the ACA systems that affect them. Please share your experiences with us!