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Clinical Consult Program

The AAHIVM Clinical Consult Program allows providers seeing fewer than 20 HIV patients to be eligible to earn their HIV Specialist™ credential by agreeing to be “paired” with a highly experienced, Credentialed Academy Member consultant during the exam session, and for the 2-year life of the earned Credential.  The program is an initiative to foster larger numbers of medical providers who meet a minimum standard of knowledge in advanced HIV care, particularly in rural or underserved settings, or regions where providers see relatively few HIV patients. The relationship between the provider “pair” is meant to provide a valuable personal resource to the lower-volume provider, and is intended to be a professionally supportive connection to assist that provider with particular clinical questions or other matters related to his or her HIV patient panel.

  • Lower-Volume Provider Exam Candidates: To participate, simply apply to credential during the normal application window, meet all other eligibility requirements, and declare “1-19” as your patient count (20 or more patients is the normal experience requirement).  Note: lower volume applicants are accepted every year, but no new applications are being accepted for 2011 testing.  Approved 2011 “Lower-Volume” Examinees:  Your consultant assignment will be made before August 31, 2011, allowing time to contact your consulting provider, if necessary, well in advance of the September 30 exam deadline.   You may begin your exam on the initiation date of August 16. 
  • Experienced HIV Specialist Consultant volunteers: Click here for current information on how you can serve a provider in your area in this helpful, one-on-one consulting role.

The program:

  • Enables providers seeing fewer than 20 HIV patients to be eligible to credential by simply selecting “1-19” for patient quantity when applying.
  • Assigns the lower-volume applicant to an experienced Academy Member HIV Specialist™ consultant, who remains available for direct consultation.
  • Provides quarterly email reminder “check-in” messages to each assigned pair, regardless of the need for specific patient queries (although communication may be initiated any time whenever questions about HIV treatment arise).
  • Is provided as a free resource to the lower-volume provider.
  • Does NOT require or retain records on any clinical, identifying, personal or otherwise sensitive patient-related communication.
  • Encourages lower-volume providers to aggressively seek ongoing continuing education.  Clinical reference information can be found at the links here, and CME opportunities can be found here.

Additional Terms:

  • Lower-volume provider applicants may continue their consultant relationship (at their option) even in the event of a non-passing result on the exam.
  • Lower-volume provider applicants agree that the absolute privacy of their exam results may not be guaranteed, as their assigned Clinical Consultant may become aware that the lower-volume provider did not achieve Credentialed status (the Credentialed provider directory is public).  AAHIVM does not otherwise make public any non-passing result, not does AAHIVM make public the name of any provider who even attempts the exam.
  • Lower-volume provider applicants who succeed in earning the HIV Specialist™ credential are not identified in any way as being a “lower-volume provider” in the AAHIVM public provider directory.
  • The AAHIVM Clinical Consult Program is currently not available to providers outside the United States.
  • The AAHIVM Clinical Consult Program is currently not available to Pharmacists.
  • The AAHIVM Clinical Consult Program pairs each applicant with a similarly licensed provider when possible, or in cases where a similarly licensed provider is not available, a provider with a more senior licensure (i.e., an MD may serve as a consultant to a PA).
  • The AAHIVM Clinical Consult Program is an informal method of creating a personal connection between similar practicing providers.   The program makes no implied or express warranty about the nature of communication between the medical providers or the accuracy of any exchanged information.   AAHIVM and its corps of Clinical Consultants hereby indemnify themselves of any and all responsibility for the outcomes and benefits to patients under the care of any lower-volume provider enrolled in the program.   The lower-volume provider retains all responsibilities for the care of their patients per the laws of the state in which they practice.  All other terms and conditions that apply to AAHIVM Credentialing shall remain in force for participants in this program.