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Formats & Content

AAHIVM testing instruments consist of 125 case-based, 5-option multiple choice items.  The exams are revised every year and are assembled from extensive item banks (comprehensive coded repositories of exam content) according to established exam blueprints.  Exams are offered in online or written formats, each presenting the exact same content.  Applicants may select the preferred format when applying.

The online testing system is simple to use, and is suggested for security and other purposes.  Examinees may login and out as often as needed during the examination period, saving all work completed to that point.  Exam logins are separate and distinct from AAHIVM website profile logins.  Special access to the online exam portal is provided to approved applicants on the testing initiation date.   A demonstration version of the online exam system can be seen here.

The written exam is presented as a booklet, and examinee responses are recorded on typical "scantron" bubble answer forms, using a #2 pencil.  These materials are returned by the testing deadline via courier, direct to the AAHIVM testing vendor for secure scoring and processing.  Approved written exam applicants are sent a complete hard copy exam package by US Mail on or shortly before the exam initiation date.
Please note:  The address you supply in your application will be used to mail your exam booklet.

Exam Content

Content:  Exam content is rigorously analyzed every year, and includes the creation of new items reflecting advances in the science, as well as review of existing material for editing or removal, again based on changes in the technology of HIV care.  Content in the AAHIVM item banks is coded based on its topic, and is accurately referenced to a wide variety of known sources of information on the practice of HIV care, as well as any related published research activity.  Content is developed, edited and coded by rotating teams of actively practicing providers and known thought leaders in the science of HIV care.  AAHIVM certification exams are not keyed directly to AAHIVM publications, and moreover are not keyed to any one particular source.

Blueprint & Role Delineation:  The exam “blueprints” direct the relative importance of various subtopics, and how frequently those subtopics are represented on a given year’s exam via the content coding method described above.  The blueprints are derived from detailed Role Delineation (“RD”) documents.  An RD fully describes the functional work and universe of knowledge of the professional to whom the resulting exam will ultimately be presented.  AAHIVM RDs are also established by multiple panels of practicing, volunteer HIV subject matter experts, under the supervision of the AAHIVM Credentialing Governance Committee, and third-party contract psychometrician.  AAHIVM RDs are revised on a 5 year schedule.